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What are Dermopoints and how do they work?

Dermopoints are our way of compensating our customers for their loyalty. Members are awarded Dermopoints for every purchase. For every euro you spend, you are awarded two Dermopoints 1€ = 2 Dermopoints. We’re sorry, but taxes and delivery costs are not included in the Dermopoint scheme.

1 € purchase = 2 Dermopoints

In other words, 100 Dermopoints = 1 € discount!
200 Dermopoints = 2 € discount!
500 Dermopoints = 5 € discount!
1000 Dermopoints = 10 € discount!

In addition, Dermopoints are not just awarded for purchases; you can also be awarded Dermopoints for inviting friends, subscribing to the newsletter, submitting opinions on products...

Purchase 2 Dermopoints per euro spent No limit No limit
Registration 100 Dermopoints for registration 1 € One-off registration
Opinions 5 Dermopoints per opinion Max 10 approved opinions
Friend invite 20 Dermopoints per friend Max 25 friends
Newsletter 100 Dermopoints One-off subscription
Referrer / referee 500 Dermopoints Por cada amigo que realice una compra. Hasta 20 amigos
Referrer / referee
For every friend you invite to visit our website and who makes a purchase, you will receive 500 Dermopoints (first purchase only). There are a number of ways to send invitations, enter your Dermoventas account and look under the invitation section: - By sending a personal link: copy the link (URL) to a friend’s email or publish it on your Facebook, Twitter or Google+ profile. All those who register via this link will automatically become friends on your Dermoventas account. - Add email addresses: Your ‘My Account’ tab has a section where you can add friends’ email addresses. Click on “Send invitations” and they will receive an invitation in their mail.
Dermopoints for subscription to the newsletter
You can either do this when you register or at a later date. Dermopoints will only be awarded once on registration.
Dermopoints for providing opinions on products
Your opinion must concern a product you have purchased through Dermoventas.com
How do I spend my Dermopoints?
First you must enter your Dermoventas account so the page knows it is you. The page will then display your accumulated Dermopoints total. Next you select the products you wish to purchase, and once you arrive at the Shopping cart page you can select the number of Dermopoints you wish to spend via the ‘Spend Dermopoints’ button. If you wish to use all your points, slide the bar to the end or click on ‘Maximise my Dermopoints discount’.
How can I consult my Dermopoints balance?
You may consult your Dermopoints balance at any time by accessing ‘My account’ in Dermoventas.com and clicking on the ‘My Dermopoints and prizes’ button. Also, if you access your account, your balance will appear in the ‘My Dermopoints’ section in a number of places on the web page.
Do Dermopoints expire?
Your Dermopoints will expire if your account is inactive for more than 12 months. It’s very difficult to lose your Dermopoints as you don’t even have to make a purchase in order to extend their validity. You can do so merely by providing an opinion on a product, etc.
Can I share my Dermopoints or combine accounts?
We’re very sorry, but customers are not allowed to share Dermopoints or combine Dermopoints from different accounts. Dermopoints are non-transferrable and you can only use your own Dermopoints.
Can I keep my Dermopoints if I return a product?
Now wouldn’t that be nice! For obvious reasons, this is not possible. Dermopoints will be automatically deducted when a product is returned. If you have already used up the Dermopoints you were awarded when you purchased an article, the Dermopoint amount will be deducted from the refund paid on the returned article.
What happens to my Dermopoints if I exchange an article?
The difference in Dermopoints will automatically be deducted or added to your account, depending on the products exchanged. In other words, if you exchange one product for a more expensive one, Dermopoints will be added. If you exchange for a less expensive product, they will be deducted. Is there anything else I should know about my Dermopoints? • Dermopoints are non-transferrable and are forfeited when a customer closes an account. • If we detect fraudulent or malicious use of the Dermopoints system, we reserve the right not to award the corresponding purchases with Dermopoints. • Dermoventas reserves the right to cancel the Dermopoints system at any time they see fit and without prior notification. If this should occur, previously awarded Dermopoints will not be affected. • The amount of Dermopoints to be exchanged may never exceed 20% of the total purchase amount.

Dermoventas.com reserves the right not to award Dermopoints if participation in the DERMOVENTAS DERMOPOINTS CLUB shows any indication of fraud.